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"What better inspiration could there be than to build bamboo rods on the banks of the West Branch of the Delaware River in New York? I’ve been Dennis’ friend for years and have watched him grow as a rodmaker. In recent years he has added hollow-building to his arsenal of design tools, allowing him to build the eight to eight and a half foot or even longer rods for light 4, 5 and 6 weight lines which are increasingly sought by today's bamboo angler. There are darned few rod-makers today who build their own ferrules; not only is Dennis one of this elite number, but he even has the capacity to draw his own nickel-silver tubing for custom, half-size ferrules, helping him achieve exactly the action he desires. This is a fine-tuning capacity that few rod-makers enjoy. Naturally, his butt caps and bands and other hardware are also of his own manufacture; the finished rod is easily recognized as a Menscer in the way these details, including his unique flaming pattern, come together into a whole.


Dennis is also one of the few makers willing and capable of doing repairs and restorations of many of our classic bamboo rods from Leonard to F.E. Thomas and even to Kosmics. He has unique access to components for these old rods and that augments his own machining abilities. Today's bamboo angler owes it to himself to try one of Dennis Menscer's rods and to contact him if restoration of a classic is called for."


                                                                                    Per Brandin, Maker


"When I first met Dennis I knew he was my kind of craftsman. His ability to solve and implement mechanical problems is first class. In the ensuing years, Dennis has proven himself to be a man who believes in studying the past masters and to adapt their best qualities to his rod making.


I use Dennis for many of the critical and time consuming jobs on my own customers' rods that my eyesight and patience no longer allow and call him my friend."


                                                                               Walt Carpenter, Maker



"Introduced to fly fishing over 50 years ago, I have learned that the thrill and enjoyment of the sport is greatly enhanced by using the finest equipment possible. Many days and hours have been spent perfecting flies, tying knots, sharing ideas with  fellow anglers and days and days on the water gaining as much knowledge as possible. When I select a fly rod, I want to know that  the maker has the same passion for the sport as I do and puts as much care into building only the finest rods possible. The majority of the rods I use today are Little River Rods of Hancock New York , made by Dennis Menscer.


My "go-to" rod is his flamed 6'8" 3 wt that casts and performs perfectly and handles large trout with ease. I also own his 4wt and 5 wt hollow builts.


I recommend these fine fly rods to anyone that loves and enjoys the thrill of flyfishing and who also cares about craftsmanship, quality, tradition, beauty and performance."


                                                           Dan Lanier, Ware, Massachusetts

                                                           REC Components (Retired)


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