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Bamboo Rod Repairs

Dennis is fortunate to have assembled a large inventory of vintage silk, hardware and rod parts which enables him to perform repairs on vintage rods, often with original parts. He has repaired rods by virtually every maker including Payne, Leonard, Garrison, Dickerson, Heddon, South Bend and Thomas and Thomas. Repairs include scarfs, de-laminations, replacing lost guides, broken or lost tips and damaged grips, reel seats and ferrules. 

" I use Dennis for many of the critical and time consuming jobs on my own customers' rods that my eyesight and patience no longer allow..."


                      Walt Carpenter, Maker


"Dennis is one of the few current makers willing and capable of doing repairs and restorations of many of our classic bamboo rods from F.E. Thomas and even to Kosmics. He has unique access to components for these old rods and that augments his own machining abilites."


                                Per Brandin, Maker

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