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The rare and much sought after Kosmic Rod was produced by a partnership formed in 1893 by F.E. Thomas, Eustis Edwards and Ed Payne in Central Valley New York. The Kosmic Rod would not have been possible without the collaboration of the brilliant machinist, Hiram Hawes, who made the beveler on which the strips were cut. The partnership dissolved in 1898 but the Kosmic Rod continued to be sold by H.A. Whittemore into the 20th century.

Dennis was able to acquire some of the original parts of the original Kosmic Rod Company from the inventory of the E.F. Payne Rod Company. He used this precious inventory of original parts to repair original Kosmic Rods for years. Finally in 2015 with much of his remaining stock of parts, Dennis decided to make 17 reproductions of Kosmic Rods. These 17 rods were constructed on modern tapers, but otherwise harken back in many respects to the rods that won the Gold Medal at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

Dennis continues to repair Kosmic Rods and is proud to have carried on the tradition of the Kosmic Rod Company, its storied three partners and Hiram Hawes with his modern tribute to the Kosmic Rod.   

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