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Dennis favors rods that match his own relaxed casting casting style. His typical rod will be 2 piece, two tips, flamed bamboo, with hand filed and pressed nodes, maroon wraps with black tipping and comes with a handmade sock, aluminum tube and brass cap. A highly skilled machinist, Dennis is one of the few makers today who machines his own fittings and a customer can expect to enjoy handmade ferrules, real seat fittings, winding check and rod tube brass fittings. He also specializes in hollow built construction in his rods between 7 ½ and 9 feet, which lightens the weight and makes the action of his top-of-the-line rods crisper.


When pressed to name his favorite rods, Dennis says “for a spinner fall on the West Branch, I would reach for my 8’ two-piece hollow built. The rod is light, the action crisp and it is just plain fun to cast. If I were fishing smaller water, like the South Branch of the Raritan, I’d bring along my 7’6” 4 weight, with a parabolic action, or my 6’8” 3 weight, fast action for dry flies.” 

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